Ms. McCormick

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. McCormick graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry with minors in Biology, Psychology, and Spanish. Curious to see the world, she moved to South Korea after graduation to teach English. What was initially a break before beginning a post-graduate degree became a passion and new career. Seeing her students’ curiosity and desire to learn connected with her own goals, and she decided to pursue a career in education.

In 2015, Ms. McCormick resettled in in Washington D.C. as a biology teacher at a public charter high school. Her goal while working at BASIS Independent McLean is to prepare students for success in future education and for the real world. She strives to build her students’ accountability and critical thinking to become well-rounded members of our communities.

Outside school, she enjoys traveling and learning languages. The challenging aspect of learning a new language ties into why she loves teaching science, that is: self-motivation carries much more weight than any amount of textbooks she could buy.