Mr. Anderson

Director of Auxiliary Programs

In 2012, Mr. Anderson graduated from the University of Arizona, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.

Mr. Anderson is a long-time member of the BASIS.ed community. In 2014, his first year with BASIS.ed, he was a third grade Teaching Fellow at BASIS Oro Valley Primary School in Arizona. In his second year, he both taught a high school level Philosophy course and acted as BASIS Oro Valley’s Auxiliary Programs Coordinator.

Reflecting on his desire to join the BASIS Independent community, Mr. Anderson says, “BASIS.ed schools transformed my life in my hometown of Tucson, AZ, and challenged me to grow as a person. When I heard BASIS Independent McLean was opening, I jumped at the chance to challenge myself again by helping to open a new school. I hope to explore and create extracurricular programs that align with student interests. Coordinating events and activities allows me to foster a school community unique to the students of BASIS Independent McLean,” says Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson is an avid fan of University of Arizona college basketball. He is a dog lover and enjoys reading and discussing philosophy. He occasionally enjoys whittling while listening to folk music. He hails from the scorching desert of southern Arizona and has never experienced a true “snow day.”