Mme. Seye

Subject Expert Teacher

Mme. Sèye earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Towson University in 1991, where she majored in French and International Studies (with a concentration in Western Europe). She joins BASIS Independent McLean as a Subject Expert Teacher in French.

Prior to joining the BASIS Independent family, Mme. Sèye taught in the Montessori system and most recently at Edlin School, where she headed the Foreign Language Department and taught French for the past 14 years. Under her tutelage, students were consistently national winners, placing in the top 10 (at the minimum) in the nation on Le Grand Concours (the National French Contest) and earning accolades every year.

Having lived in Madagascar as a child and Sénégal as an adult (as well as spending summers in France during college), Mme. Sèye developed an affinity for Africa and all things French at an early age. She has parlayed this passion into her classes by pairing her students with French-speaking pen pals in Dakar, conducting regular field trips to both Madagascar and Sénégal and coordinating service projects in the latter. “I see immeasurable value in experiential learning; in fact, some of the most impressive learning and engagement occur outside the classroom through service to the community overseas. This is what attracted me the most to BASIS Independent McLean –knowing that I’m joining like-minded colleagues and students who think outside of the box. I am over the moon to be joining the family and opening the door to Africa to my students," says Mme. Sèye.