Mr. Junsay

Subject Expert Teacher

Mr. Junsay is excited to continue his professional career at BASIS Independent McLean as the Primary music teacher. After attending Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California, Mr. Junsay studied music education at George Mason University. He has taught for more than six years in public and private schools, assisted in directing and teaching two high school bands, and was recently head of the music department at Edlin School in Reston, Virginia.

Mr. Junsay has worked with students from preschool through eighth grade. He recently created an advanced music curriculum through which students learned to use the tools and elements of music theory and music appreciation (many of which are often not typically introduced until college) and apply them to their everyday lives.

Mr. Junsay’s interests and experience extend well beyond the classroom. In addition to directing bands at a variety of levels, he has also directed an a capella group and numerous children’s theatre performances. Whether as a director, choreographer, set-, light-, or costume-designer, he enjoys creating opportunities for children to use their talents and imaginations.

What particularly excites Mr. Junsay about teaching at BASIS Independent McLean is the school’s commitment to allowing students to choose the path where they are comfortable and confident. Giving children the right tools and encouraging them to use them in concert with their own imagination, opens up a world of possibilities. Mr. Junsay also appreciates that BASIS Independent McLean focuses on the whole child; the STEAM curriculum allows students to make connections and experiment with ideas that might not have otherwise been sparked. He believes this is the foundation a child needs to gain self-confidence and a desire to learn more.

Mr. Junsay loves to cook; his specialty dish is his creamy chicken alfredo with garlic cheese bread and balsamic vinegar zucchini salad. He also loves to decorate for any event or holiday, especially Halloween!