Ms. Darby

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Darby graduated from George Mason University in May of 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies, Concentration in Liberal arts for Education PreK-3rd Grade.

Before joining BASIS Independent McLean, Ms. Darby taught for more than twelve years in private school settings: “My background has taught me that each classroom embodies a community of diverse learners, which requires educators to incorporate multiple teaching methodologies.” Her goal at BASIS Independent McLean is to leverage these methodologies to promote an environment in which students learn to be inquisitive and curious, utilizing logic and their senses as tools for navigating through life.

Ms Darby chose BASIS Independent McLean because of the strong emphasis placed on creative thinking and problem solving, preparing students to excel and succeed across all academic areas: “Within my classroom walls every child will develop confidence, while learning to collaborate effectively with others. An engaging, fun, and supportive learning environment enables each child to grow and flourish, ultimately preparing them to be successful and caring members of society.”

Ms. Darby enjoys photography, reading, and traveling with her husband. She has a passion for the arts and believes every child is indeed an artist! “When a child’s creativity and passions are fostered,the sky is the limit!”