Dr. Vicks

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Vicks earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literary Studies from Middlebury College. She went on to earn her Master of Arts degree and Doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with an emphasis in Russian and English/American literatures, as well as in literary and film theory.

Before joining BASIS Independent McLean, Ms. Vicks taught a variety of literature, culture, and language courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Humanities Department and Russian Program at the University of Colorado. She also spent one year at BASIS Scottsdale teaching eighth-grade English and tenth-grade AP Literature.

As a BASIS Independent McLean educator, Ms. Vicks’ goals are twofold: to help the students gain confidence and a high-level of mastery in the field of English literature/language, and to show the students how the skills they learn and the texts they study in the English classroom are relevant in their lives. Ms. Vicks implores her students to learn how to recognize, interrogate, and improve their habits of reading and writing so that they can better engage with the world.