Ms. Marple

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Marple graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2010 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin and Ancient Greek and her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She then graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2012, earning her Masters of Arts in Teaching and Classical Humanities. 

Ms. Marple joins BASIS Independent McLean as a Subject Expert Teacher of Latin. She teaches Latin as an active language, focusing her efforts on helping students to develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, as well as a genuine love of and passion for learning. Prior to joining BASIS Independent McLean, Ms. Marple taught in Fauquier County, where she instituted a Latin conversation hour and shared her love of speaking Latin with students and other members of the community.

"BASIS Independent McLean has a strong culture of challenging teachers to be innovative and encouraging students to reach their utmost potential," says Ms. Marple.

Ms. Marple is an avid reader, both of ancient texts and modern works (especially fantasy and young adult novels). When not sinking into the words of Homer or exploring the intricate world of Patrick Rothfuss, you can often find Ms. Marple flying through the air with the greatest ease at Trapeze School New York in Washington, D.C.