Dr. Grove

Subject Expert Teacher


Dr. Grove earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2012. In 2013, he earned his Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and in 2017, he earned his Doctoral degree in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University. Dr. Grove's dissertation was titled: Discretizations & Efficient Linear Solvers for Problems Related to Fluid Flow.

Previously, Dr. Grove was employed as a software developer for The Aerospace Corporation in Chantilly, VA. Dr. Grove's work experience includes being a Graduate Teacher of Record at Clemson University, where he taught a combination of Calculus of One Variable I & II over two years. Dr. Grove also participated in several leadership programs while at Clemson University, such as holding the position of Finance Committee Chair for Graduate Student Government. He also created "Calculus Fight Club," a peer-led pre-exam study session that received praise from Clemson's Mathematical Sciences Department for helping to lower the DFW (D-Fail-Withdraw) Rate of multiple classes.

"I am excited to be a part of the BASIS Independent McLean team and my goal is not only to excite students about physics, but the sow the seeds of a love of the sciences and liberal arts that, when combined with the teaching of the other amazing instructors we have at this school, will be able to blossom within the students to create individuals with a strong passion for learning," shares Dr. Grove.

Dr. Grove loves to draw and paint scenes from his travels abroad. He has traveled to Europe multiple times while working on his Ph.D. as he was a traveling fellow at Heidelberg University, Germany, and a Melt in the Mantle Invitee at The University of Cambridge, England. Dr. Grove's favorite sport is soccer and he tries to play it at least three times a week.