Ms. Li

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Li is a Subject Expert Teacher in Mandarin. Originally from Jinan, China, she has lived in Jinan and Beijing, as well as Pennsylvania and Virginia. She received her university degree in Fine Arts at the Shandong Science and Technology University, China, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from George Mason University. 

Ms. Li has been teaching Mandarin Chinese for twelve years to children in pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 at Wei-Hwa Chinese School, Arlington County Public Schools, Flint Hill, and Edlin School. She had the honor of receiving the America Eastern Excellent Chinese Teacher Award on two separate occasions, along with the highest form of recognition from the National Counsil of Associations of Chinese Language Schools.

Ms. Li is committed to teaching Mandarin, and her passionate teaching style inspires students to work hard to learn the language with great interest. She motivates her students through playing funny games, storytelling, and using cartoon PowerPoint presentations and songs. In order to make the difficiult pronounciations, four tones, and various teaching objects easy to remember, she writes her own songs to help her students learn and quickly memorize them. Her creative teaching skills always makes learning interesting and enjoyable. 

Ms. Li is enthusiastic about joining BASIS Independent McLean because it offers students and teachers a wonderfully stimulating environment where all students can be challenged to express their full potential. She expects her students to both excel in academic areas and enjoy the process of learning the Chinese language and culture.