Ms. Ataku

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Ataku earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Colgate University in 2010. She is a candidate for her Masters of Arts degree in English Education at the prestigious Kings College London. 

Prior to her current role as Subject Expert Teacher in English and Humanities, Ms. Ataku completed the Teach for America program in Secondary English Education while working in Washington, D.C area schools. Additionally, she spent two years at BASIS DC teaching grades 5 and 8 English as well as grade 10 AP Language and Composition.

Ms. Ataku joins BASIS Independent McLean because of its vision to assist students in activating their full academic potential. As a teacher for BASIS Independent McLean, Ms. Ataku's goal is to further develop her students' critical thinking skills. She promotes an open learning environment where students ask questions and share reflections as they learn rigorous and engaging content. 

Ms. Ataku's hobbies include singing, traveling, and spending time with her two pet rabits. She thoroughly enjoys books with magical realism, especially those from Carlos Luis Zafron and Toni Morrison.