Dr. Pittman

Subject Expert Teacher

Dr. Pittman began her studies in literature at the University of Mary Washington, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English. She continued by pursuing post-graduate degrees in English at the University of Virginia, where she earned her Master’s Degree in English, and at George Washington University, where she earned her Ph.D. Dr. Pittman specialized in nineteenth and twentieth century African American literature. At GWU, Dr. Pittman was awarded the Graduate Assistant Teaching Award by the English department for her work in the classroom.

Dr. Pittman was recently a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow as well as Interim Tutor Coordinator and Writing Specialist at Marymount University. She has taught a wide range of literature, composition, and writing studies courses, including an introduction to African American theater, surveys of American Literature, a seminar focusing on Toni Morrison’s fiction, and an interdisciplinary, cultural studies course on the intersection of literature and the Civil Rights Movement. Phi Eta Sigma, the first-year honor society at Marymount, even invited her to give a TED-style talk on zombies for current and prospective inductees.

At BASIS Independent McLean, Dr. Pittman hopes to provide students with the strong writing background and critical thinking skills that will allow them to succeed and flourish in their college courses. She enjoys working with the ambitious and bright students at BASIS Independent McLean and sharing her passions for reading and writing with them.

Dr. Pittman loves to talk about what she’s reading, which is typically four books and the New Yorker at any given time. She’s into food culture, cooking and eating, and has an especial affection for the ways food can nourish community and bring about exciting encounters among people. Dr. Pittman most enjoys watching her daughter learn to read as well as taking her to the library and to every independent bookstore in the Washington metropolitan region.