Excitement & Curiosity: My First Day at &pizza HQ

Mar 02, 2020

Hello everyone,

My name is Tad, and I am a senior who is interested in data analytics and economics. Starting today, I began interning at &pizza Headquarters with Darien Bates (Head of Data and Guest Experience) and his team. In the past, I have used traffic analytics to redesign my high school’s carpool arrangement, conducted sports analytics for the University of Maryland softball program, and participated in an image analytics project with the George Mason University graduate data analytics program. I am excited to now explore analytics in the business world over the next two months!

While much of what I will be doing depends on the needs of &pizza, I have been working to learn new skills to prepare. Recently, I have been learning Structured Query Language (SQL) and have taken advantage of a brief crash course on email marketing campaigns. I have discussed potential projects with Darien, like exploring factors that impact and reflect changing customer value and loyalty at &pizza, examining the design and success of &pizza’s email marketing campaigns, and conditioning and analyzing data in &pizza’s cloud and databases.

Whether it’s navigating &pizza and the use of data science in the business world or the Washington Metro system during my commute (D.C. traffic is truly something else!), I can’t wait to see what is in store!

With excitement & curiosity,


6 Replies to “Excitement & Curiosity: My First Day at &pizza HQ”

  1. Charles T. says:

    Seems like a lot of data crunching. Next step is using analytics to redesign the Metro system!

    1. Tad B. says:

      That would be awesome! I would have lots of fun with that. It is definitely good food for thought. Luckily, the Metro has so far been very convenient for my internship!

  2. Miller H. says:

    Sounds exciting! Interested to see your results.

    1. Tad B. says:

      Thanks, Miller. Likewise to you!

  3. Andy Z. says:

    Sounds Amazing! Hope you have a great time at &pizza!

    1. Tad B. says:

      Thanks, Andy. It has been a blast so far. I have gotten the chance to learn a lot in this first week, whether that is skill sets like how to use Google BigQuery and an online data visualization software called Domo or getting to experience what it’s like to work at a company in the business world! Let me know what it is like to work on visualizations at the Library of Congress.

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