Introduction to My Project

Mar 02, 2020

Hello! My name is Robbi. I am a student who is passionate about the use of natural resources, specifically crude oil and its byproducts. My project is extremely important to me because it is the first step towards being a petroleum engineer. I hope my research will be a current reflection of the oil industry for consumers, as I expect to see trends in gasoline usage due to politics. I also plan to review how the overall gas and diesel oil consumption in the past five to ten years has affected the environment through the greenhouse gas effect.

For my internship, I will be at the American Petrochemicals and Manufacturers (AFPM) in Washington DC, which is a trade association. This week I will meet with my on-site mentor and discuss scheduling, responsibilities, what is expected of me, and what I can expect during this internship when I officially start on Monday. I am more than excited about this internship as it is a different side of the industry from the one I plan to be working in straight out of college. I see this as a valuable opportunity to see the more corporate and political side of the petroleum industry, as I will see how laws are made and changed for benefit companies and consumers. I cannot wait to see what this opportunity has in store!  : )

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  1. EPittman says:

    Your project is very necessary. I am so excited that you have found an opportunity to approach fuel usage from multiple angles.

    1. Robbi G. says:

      Thank you so much!

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