Introduction: What is my Computer Really Doing?

Mar 02, 2020

Hello all,

My name is Thomas, but most people call me Tommy! As my abstract says, I am getting ready to start as an intern at Unanet and learn more about software development. I anticipate an exciting learning and application process. After hitting the books about topics like workflow, XML, and user-interface development, I will begin putting this knowledge to work. I plan to research for six weeks, then develop during weeks seven through twelve.

You may be thinking that this research time is an excuse to sit around and procrastinate on my final product. While a six-week vacation period sounds nice, the research phase of my Senior Project must be equally as rigorous to have as much time as possible for development. Stay tuned to this blog for the next twelve weeks to observe my progress and any roadblocks that I may come across!

Also, feel free to take a look at my Senior Project Proposal, complete with my purpose, background, anticipated problems, and more.


5 Replies to “Introduction: What is my Computer Really Doing?”

  1. Charles T. says:

    Tell me more! What does your internship at Unanet entail?

    1. Thomas E. says:

      In summary, my final product will be a user interface that executes and illustrates the workflow of multiple programs for a user. See the abstract on my blog’s main page for more info!

  2. Kareem B. says:

    Thomas, your work sounds fascinating. I expect great things from you.

  3. Tad B. says:

    This project looks really neat. Also, I saw in your proposal that you have previously researched MAGLEV train technology in your “Capstone: Physics and Engineering” course… it is definitely a fun topic for exploration. Neat stuff all around!

  4. Pendaar P. says:

    This work sounds fascinating. I look forward to see what your research will find.

    Could you please explain what Unanet does?

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