Mar 02, 2020


My name is Aanika Singh. As a teenager in high school, I have experienced copious amounts of stress due to my want to succeed in school and the expectations others have for me. This type of mental strain has been known to cause long term and short term bodily harm, like increased risk of heart diseases and obesity. As a sort of backlash to this recent phenomenon, “self care” culture has become more prevalent and talked about in tandem with the increased awareness for mental health. However, do these self care tips taken from blogs actually work? Can meditating or taking bubble baths decrease the harmful effects stress can have on the body?

My project will attempt to see how meditation will affect a person’s short term stress response. I will study multiple participants and their heart rate during prolonged stressful tasks and stressful tasks with short meditation breaks in between. Coupled with my own experiment, my on-site advisor will teach me the intricacies of how real world research is done, which I hopefully can implement in my own small scale project.

My internship starts next Monday and I’m excited to start! I hope that my findings can help others in taking care of their mental and physical health so that they do not reach levels of burnout which could destroy both.

4 Replies to “Introduction”

  1. Charles T. says:

    Great idea! I’m excited to see how your research results turn out.

  2. Kareena K. says:

    Sounds incredibly interesting! Definitely curious about your findings and about meditation.

  3. Shang Z. says:

    Sounds exciting! let me know if you need any participants.

    1. Miller H. says:

      I second that!

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