Compuculture: Introduction

Mar 03, 2020

What makes a culture? Any place with people has a culture — a school, an office, a club, a street. It stands to reason that virtual spaces, just like real ones, have cultures as well.

My name is Miller Hollinger, and the aim of my project is to understand and distill the culture of Virtual Reality (VR). With almost 43 million users, the ‘population of VR’ is larger than even Tokyo (at a meager 37 million, the largest city in the world).

However, these users are split over hundreds of virtual experiences. I will be exploring several of these worlds and interviewing dozens of actual virtual users to discover what makes their culture tick. Then, I’ll combine the greatest stories into a compendium with each story representing an important aspect of virtual culture.

Alongside that, I’ll be interning at Raft (starting March 9th). Raft specializes in the people side of programming, dealing with product strategies, security, and user experience. I believe that my experience there will contribute to my ability to understand virtual culture.

This first week, I’ll catch up on some not-so-light reading including Cultures of the Internet and Virtual Social Networks: Mediated, Massive, and Multiplayer Sites. They’ll help me understand the basis of virtual culture, but the discrete details will come from the interviews themselves which I’ll start doing in a few weeks.

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  1. ashleyb says:

    How did the reading go this week? I am really interested in how your reading on “Cultures of the Internet and Virtual Social Networks…” went. What interesting developments did you learn? Anything to help you answer your question?

    1. Miller H. says:

      I’m currently halfway through Cultures. I’ll post about it this coming week. It has a lot of interesting insights!

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