Week 1: Introduction

Mar 04, 2020

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Li and I’m currently a senior at Basis Independent McLean.

The goal of my senior project is to learn about the network models and eventually write “p-tests” to test routers. If you have read my abstract, you will notice that my goals have changed quite a bit. Because the company I am interning for, Delta Electronics, is based in Shanghai, my original plan was to travel there for a physical internship where I could not only study machine learning, but also to experience the working environment. However, due to the presence of the Coronavirus, I have decided not to risk my life and instead opt to do my internship remotely from home.

The first week of my internship has been mainly consisted of introductory meetings with my internship mentor. I learned about the structure of the company, the products that they have produced, and the customers that they sell to. I was also given a presentation about network concepts such as the network model, VLAN, and the broadcast frames.

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  1. davidc says:

    This seems like a great internship, Michael! It is too bad you weren’t able to go to China but great that they let your work remotely. I’d be curious as to how you are doing with the time zone difference and if there are any difficulties you are facing with that? Great job again, can’t wait to see where you end up with your research!

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