Compuculture: Workweek

Mar 13, 2020

Nearly all of this week was spent working with Raft, learning new systems and starting projects.

This week, I finished learning Ruby. Ruby is a popular new(ish) coding language used in web applications. Some of the biggest websites in the world have used Ruby at some point, including Twitter. Ruby is interesting because it allows many tasks to be completed in multiple different ways. For example, code can be surrounded with the words ‘do’ and ‘end’ or curly brackets (these: ‘{ }’).

I’ll be using Ruby alongside another widely used framework called Ruby on Rails, or ‘rails.’ Ruby on Rails is special because it can be used to make every part of a website — from the information you see in your browser to the server that organizes and sends data, it’s all written with the same framework. Combined with the simplicity of the Ruby language, Rails has grown exponentially and is now the standard for web application development.

I’ve also been doing work in Microsoft Access, a database management system. My current project revolves around turning a Microsoft Access application into a Ruby on Rails application.

Finally, just today, I started using a web tool called Figma to plan out websites. Figma is very intuitive in its design and, like Google Drive, lets many users work together on the same project at once.

All in all, this week was a lot of learning and setup for Raft as I began some interesting projects.

Next Week: Starting the Raft projects and some images from my hand-built VR interview center that I’ll be using for my virtual interviews.

6 Replies to “Compuculture: Workweek”

  1. Andy Z. says:

    Ruby sounds like a great tool to learn! Sounds like you’re diving right into the bulk of your project.

  2. Ethan H. says:

    Sounds awesome. Have fun learning new languages and tools!

  3. Shang Z. says:

    Hand-built VR Interview Center sounds awesome! What type of question do you plan on asking to explore the culture behind virtual reality? looking forward to your next post.

    1. Miller H. says:

      I’m going to be asking others about social norms in VR. An example question would be “What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you in VR?” as that would demonstrate what people find unsettling.

  4. ashleyb says:

    How do you like working with Access? I had to learn this program when it first came out and then use it when I worked in an local health department to track health inspections that I carried out.

    1. Miller H. says:

      The databases I’m working with are very complex with a lot of code backing them. Luckily, my job is just to find out what data is stored in the database, so I don’t have to understand exactly how it works.

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