Week 1: Getting Acquainted

Mar 13, 2020

Hello Again! This was my first week actually going onsite and meeting the people I would be working with, and it was exciting to see where I would be working. Monday was mostly focused on getting acquainted with the workplace and the people, as well as receiving security clearance. I had to get an ID, computer access, and go through several training modules before I could begin working. On Tuesday, I was able to meet my senior project mentor, and we briefly discussed in more depth what I needed to do in order to begin translating data onto the manifests. My first task was to go through the JSON files for a manifest that was already done, and comment areas of code that I didn’t understand. Along with this, I was able to go around and understand where the data I was working with came from.


Unfortunately, for Thursday and Friday(Wednesday is my free day) I was not able to come into the Library of Congress due to concerns about the Coronavirus, and as a result I stayed at home and worked there. I still focused on the JSON files, and finished commenting out the main file, as well as the individual annotation JSON files as well. There were some holes in my understanding of the IIIF Presentation API, which is part of what I will focus on next week. Next week, my plan is go through a basic JSON tutorial, as well as understand SSH and how to use it on my computer, which I need to transmit data. 


Thanks for reading, and I will have another update next week!



3 Replies to “Week 1: Getting Acquainted”

  1. Ethan H. says:

    Very interesting. Looking forward to reading next week’s post!

  2. Miller H. says:

    Thanks for the links! It looks like some very interesting data you’re working with.

  3. Charles T. says:

    The uncertainty around COVID-19 is rattling. Please do update us with your progress next week, especially concerning your adaptation in the new internship climate!

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