Week 1: Meeting the team and then promptly pausing

Mar 13, 2020

Hello everyone!

My first week went very well! I was initially worried about driving to Baltimore since it is an hour’s drive from my house and I was not very experienced driving on the interstate, but it went very smoothly! Once I arrived and got my ID badge, I was introduced to the two main personnel I would work with: Lorreen, a grad student, and Kristina. They were both very nice and quickly showed me around the lab. After a meeting with my on-site advisor, who is the primary investigator for the research project, Lorreen and I went to work measuring different compartments of the calf on CTA scans.

The second day, however, was abruptly interrupted by a campus-wide email. The UMB campus would be canceling all in-person classes and research projects for two weeks due to the COVID-19 virus. All work was to be converted to telework so people could work from home. This meant that I was not allowed on campus, but it also meant I could not do the work assigned to me since I did not have the authorization to see the CTA scans.

I am currently emailing my on-site advisor for some telework I can do from home and hopefully he has something for me. Either way, I am optimistic.

On a separate note, I am in the process of designing my own experiment regarding stress and meditation, and Lorreen and Kristina have been invaluable resources in that process. I think I can start experimenting sooner than I planned for.

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