Week 2: “No Scribes – TLC”

Mar 13, 2020

Welcome back everyone! This week has been filled with the pleasure of meeting doctors, PAs, nurses, and scribes with the not so pleasing sights of ears, noses, and throats. I was humbly welcomed into the ENT Care family where they have been so generous in allowing me an insight to every patient’s appointments and access to their eclinicalworks healthcare provider which includes the data entry of the patient’s signs, symptoms, and prescriptions. 

We have two scribes in the office, one which I usually follow in the morning and the other in the afternoon; however, most of my time has been spent with Dr. Bane and his scribe, Dylan. Essentially, the purpose of a Medical Scribe is to assist a physician in improving the efficiency and productivity of their work by allowing the physician to work solely on patient care and leaving the clinical work to the scribes. Part of the process I am currently going through is learning how to operate the electronic health records for our patients so that I can eventually work independently with a doctor and their patient, hoping to take part in an emerging role in the near future. This week I was in the office on Wednesday and Friday already exposed to cases such as meniere’s disease, cochlear disorders, thyroid cancer,  and many other disorders. These appointments include follow-ups, prescribing medications, sleep apnea consultations, setting up surgeries, taking out nose splints/stitches. 

In the meantime, I have been continuing my independent research on the possible benefits of traditional medicine. Being able to work in the medical environment and listen in first hand to the signs and symptoms of the patients and the medicine prescribed for each case has allowed me to expand my research opportunities and figure out if there are reasonable and tested diets as a supplement. It is difficult, though, because most of these cases the doctors face have no relation to the patient’s diet except for very few, but as soon as I get a better understanding of the vast terminology I will be able to provide detailed information regarding the connections.

Thanks for tuning in! I can’t wait to see what the next week unfolds and fill you all in:)

Kareena Kohli



3 Replies to “Week 2: “No Scribes – TLC””

  1. Audrey K. says:

    This is quite demanding work Kareena. Kudos to you for keeping up! I hope you’ll come across some great insights.

  2. Charles T. says:

    So punny Kareena! I’m glad you’re enjoying your intern experience so far.

  3. davidc says:

    Kareena, great job breaking down the work you are doing. I am very interested to see the relationship between doctors and scribes. I’m glad you are learning and experiencing some of the things that go on behind the scenes in the medical field. You’re doing great!

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