Week 1: My Internship and Some Obstacles Along the Way

Mar 14, 2020

Hello, everyone! 


I’m currently reporting from the second week of my senior project! I have begun my internship at Zolon Tech and Ms. Mercier has me currently working with the head of the graphics department and the marketing department. I have finished some of my first graphics so far and am beginning a new week-long graphics project. So far, I have learned more from the different graphics websites and apps I have used, which many I had not used before. It’s safe to say that I am quite excited about my next few projects over the coming weeks. 


For my research, I have acquired nearly seven books to read on my own time surrounding past cases and the systematics of behavioral profiling. These books are written by John Douglas, Mark Olshaker, Roy Hazelwood, and Mary Ellen O’Toole and I am almost done with reading two of them. I will also be attempting to access new missing persons and cold cases in order to determine which cases I will be choosing to analyze. In order to do this, I will be accessing several websites and will be visiting the National Archives as well as other courts in other states where the cases are present. However, with the current public health crisis, I may need to put that off right now or will need to go there quickly to get the casefiles very soon. I will need to reanalyze and most likely reorganize my syllabus in order to get certain casefiles or go to certain locations in advance or much later depending on the predictions for the next few weeks. 


The websites I will be using include doenetwork.org, Virginia Judiciary Online Case Information System, the website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and a few more which will help me gain insight into the cases. Another very important website I will be using is the FBI Records: The Vault which has access to over 6,700 released government files and cases. This will be able to provide me with first-hand accounts of certain cases that I will be studying when understanding forensic psychology. Attempting this week, I will try to access the George Mason University Library and potentially the Library of Congress and the George Washington University Library in the coming weeks. Although, this could be prematurely halted due to the current public health safety issues within the DMV area. 


Through my most recent research, I have been able to ascertain certain specifics of related crimes pertaining to the field of forensic psychology and the understanding of the process. I have also been able to take pages of notes that I can come back to in my future research and I hope to be able to write more pages as I acquire newer and more books and articles in the coming weeks. 


Next week I hope to update you guys on specific research I have found and my newest few projects at Zolon Tech, Inc. Until then, I look forward to reading more books and writing my next blog post!


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  1. Miller H. says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot of sources lined up! I’m excited to see the different kinds of information you find in each source.

  2. Charles T. says:

    It’s great to see all the work that has kept you busy! Keep it up.

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