No More Internship?

Mar 14, 2020

The past two weeks have been extremely action packed and eventful. I spent the majority of my time at William and Mary, learning how to research, talking with subject experts and exploring the campus. In such a short period of time I learned how to use the TUFF method for research and managed to begin narrowing down my question.

Unfortunately, because of the Corona virus the campus shut down and I no longer have an internship. Despite this I will continue to do research independently. I am currently making a spreadsheet with all the reported investments by the Chinese in Tanzania highlighted along with the flow class, flow type, year, amount, sector and a quick summary. Using this, I am hoping to make a more narrow question that I can answer from home.

2 Replies to “No More Internship?”

  1. Charles T. says:

    Darn, COVID-19 really has impacted the senior project. I love how your spreadsheet almost resembles the balance sheet for many companies. Have you taken finance?

  2. johnh says:

    Just curious: do you have any idea what percentage of the investments in Tanzania are reported? In other words: how much of the data can you actually get access to?

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