Week 2: An impossible task (hopefully not)

Mar 18, 2020

Hello everyone!

My spring break plans were canceled so I’m straight back to work! The UMB campus officially closed its doors to personnel traveling from out of state, so my on-site advisor has given me some telework which involves converting his online lecture slides from a flash based program to HTML 5 format since Flash is going to die in December.

“This sounds easy,” I foolishly thought as I extracted the code from a zipped folder. I was very wrong. Looking at the code was a nightmare and I was lost in what exactly I had to do. The way my advisor explained to me was that I simply had to write in the X and Y coordinates of zoomify pictures that were in a file and type them into a different code; however, I don’t know which code is which, which picture tile is supposed to go in which slide, and, to top it all off, I can’t view the original flash file for one odd reason or another to verify if what I did was correct.

All in all, I am very frustrated, and I emailed my advisor for some help, but he is very busy so I don’t know if he will be able to sit down and explain exactly how to do this task. I’ve been spending these past couple of days trying to figure this out on my own, so wish me luck!

4 Replies to “Week 2: An impossible task (hopefully not)”

  1. Miller H. says:

    Sounds difficult. It’s interesting to see how working from home has changed everyone’s projects.

  2. Charles T. says:

    Seems complicated. I’m confident you don’t need luck to figure it out!

  3. nancyf says:

    If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

    But…better you than me.

    Hang in there, Aanika!

  4. Audrey K. says:

    Good luck Aanika! I know you can figure this out.

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