Weeks 1-3: How quirky am I for being openly incompetent?

Mar 18, 2020

Hey all,

Only after my first two weeks of on-site work (On-site being a combination of my house, BASIS school grounds, and the actual office in which my mentor works) have I realized how vast the data set I am working with for the next two months is. I guess that’s to be expected, though: the Long Term Pavement Performance data has been actively growing for thirty years, surveying and recording the conditions of various roadways as well as its exposure to variable levels of traffic.

As a step towards a larger goal of determining the effect of heavy-load-bearing traffic on the condition of pavement, I have been tasked with separating the roadways that are a subset of Specific Pavement Study 5 into categories based on exposure to traffic using AADT(Annual Average Daily Traffic) data, minimizing variance within while maximizing the difference in means between each category.

More to come. Stay healthy.





3 Replies to “Weeks 1-3: How quirky am I for being openly incompetent?”

  1. johnh says:

    This is interesting. Is there an efficient way to do this?

  2. Lieselotte D. says:

    Wow, I imagine you have a lot of data to get through. How do you plan on organizing such a large amount of data?

  3. Alan Y. says:

    I agree with Max, that’s a lot of data to deal with! Categorizing the roadways based on daily traffic is a nice approach. I look forward to reading about your findings!

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