Where’s my reading glasses? What does this button do?

Mar 19, 2020

The week of March 9-13 was my research week. I started reading R cookbook 2nd edition by Pual Teetor, Machine  Learning with R by Brett Lantz, and The art of R programming by Norman Matloff. I also started some lessons on the site DataCamp, which is a “freemium”, to help me start learning how to program in R.

Why R? I never knew R existed before I started asking about what language I should learn. I asked some of my (much) more computer savvy friends what they would suggest for a beginner and Python first came to mind. When I asked my Senior Project Advisor, Mr. Calhoun, he suggested R. Mr. Glanzer, the school’s computer science teacher, encouraged me to learn R too because of the type of work I will be doing. This music I am sorting is data that can be broken into many different categories.

The site where you can download R, r-project.org, succinctly explains that “R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.” Perfect. I need something that has the abilities to handle large amounts of data.

Not only is learning R helpful for this project, it is also important to have knowledge of R in the STEM field. R is used to analyze data that scientists collect from their experiments. I want to pursue a career in the sciences and having knowledge of this language will add a headstart to my college career.

I am focused on learning the language for now. I will start creating my final product in the later weeks. While I am making progress in these lessons on Datacamp, I do have to return sometimes to review. Still, this is exciting progress and I already have an idea of how to program this catalog.

3 Replies to “Where’s my reading glasses? What does this button do?”

  1. Miller H. says:

    R is a great language! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with it.

  2. davidc says:

    Thank you for explaining and breaking down why you’ve decided to use R as your coding language. I know there are several different languages and it is nice to see you’ve really thought through the decision and have good reasons for picking this one in particular!

  3. Kareena K. says:

    That’s so great you are learning how to program R, and thank you for explaining what it is!! Very useful:)

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