Week Two: Quaren-time

Mar 20, 2020

This week was the first week of teleworking, which was pretty efficient. On Monday, I sat in on the weekly outreach team meeting. This meeting was in the place of the usual meeting held. My on-site mentor talked with the team about what will occur for the discussion of the national and international conferences. On Tuesday, Mr. Thoren sent me a database from FEMA to use for refinery supply chains. I did have a problem though, as the database is centered on the spread of COVID-19. This was not helpful. In response, my on-site mentor and I decided that this project would be put on hold.

Wednesday, there was another group call. In this call, the team talked about how bad the stock market is currently and what the companies involved should do. The team also discussed the switching of fuels for the southern states for April or May 1. From here, the team talked about issues with a high supply of refined oil and how there’s going to be a huge increase in storage and issues around it.

On Thursday and Today, I worked on two matrices for state legislation concerning chemical safety. There’s been different bills for different states and finding the information has been a bit rough. I’ve had to use both my company laptop and my laptop so I could keep track of everything. Currently, I’m over halfway through updating one of the matrices and I hope to finish up the other one soon. Honestly, this week was not as much fun as last week due to being home but I am glad I got to listen to the playlist everyone in the company help make. I’m looking forward to more tunes and more hard work.

4 Replies to “Week Two: Quaren-time”

  1. Charles T. says:

    Definitely interesting! I’m not too tuned up with the technical side of your project. Could you elaborate on what are matrices for state legislation?

    1. Robbi G. says:

      The matrices are databases that keep track of the progress of different state laws. The first one I worked on primarily focused on safety in chemical consumption. My job was to write where the bills were in the adoption process.

  2. EPittman says:

    Great discussion of how your company is handling the massive disruptions Covid-19 is causing to both the fuel industry and the financial sector.

    How is your independent research coming along? It seems that this current moment, as difficult as it is, might be an interesting time for you to add more questions to your research, questions about the stall in mobility and that impact on fuel pricing. The positive impact the reduced fuel usage and expenditure is having on the environment.

    1. Robbi G. says:

      I plan to add a historical aspect to my research, as I need to explain the trends in my data. If there is not enough historical evidence then I will go into more detail with the data itself.

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