Compuculture: Wireframe

Mar 21, 2020

Hello again! This week was spent nearly exclusively building a so-called ‘wireframe’ of an application for Raft. The virtual interview center’s design was also planned.

A ‘wireframe,’ as it’s called in the tech industry, is a plan for the user interface of an application. Just in case you’re wondering, ‘user interface’ is how the user interacts with the app. This includes features such as buttons and text entry bars. Wireframes are used to assist the programmers in the same way a map might help an explorer — knowing where you’re going makes getting there faster and easier.

The wireframe I built had, in total, 35 windows that could be opened and closed by the user. I used a design program called Figma to construct the wireframe. Figma is great because it, aside simply allowing the user to construct the wireframe, has many prototyping tools that can be used to make the wireframe (which is traditionally little more than a slideshow) act like an actual app. This includes things like buttons, text entry, popups, overlays, and more. The end result of all this is that the wireframe app feels almost just like a real app which really helps the programmers get an understanding of how it works.

On the other side, I decided on the first multiplayer virtual experience I will tour. I went with Rec Room, a free multiplatform game that hosts a set of helpful world-building tools. In Rec Room, players can make golf courses, mansions, castles, entire alien planets — just about anything. Only the user’s imagination limits what they can do. I’ve decided to go with a simple winter log cabin design for my interview center. Cabins illicit a feeling of warmth that I believe will make visitors feel more open to speak about their opinions, which means I’ll get a better look at the culture of VR.

I’ll begin building that cabin on Monday and plan to be done by Thursday. In Rec Room, you have to build everything by hand, so making something nice takes time.

Next Week: My log cabin interview center and more from Raft

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  1. Andy Z. says:

    Nice to see that your work has been unaffected by everything going on! I look forward to seeing what Raft will become!

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