What Comes Next? Adapting for the Future — Week 3

Mar 23, 2020

Welcome back to my blog!

I hope all of my readers are finding rest and ways to keep themselves busy in this tumultuous time of the COVID-19 outbreak. This outbreak has personally affected my internship, as I transition from on-site office days to remote teleworking. All is going well, besides the slight hindrance of attending meetings online! I’ve spent the last week refining the website build for the company. I also implemented the inputs of the rest of the team to enhance it! I’m optimistic about my progress with both independent research as well as with my internship. Next week, I’ll also begin working on RFI’s (request for information), another new skill I’m eager to tackle.

Stay safe everyone,




4 Replies to “What Comes Next? Adapting for the Future — Week 3”

  1. EPittman says:

    It seems to me that you are staying very busy! It also sounds as if you are continuing to learn valuable skills and gain rich professional experiences during you internship, even if not in the manner you originally planned. Can you share some advice with your peers about what you’ve learned from teleworking? For example, any pointers for virtual meeting etiquette?

    What is one interesting idea you have learned from your research?

    1. Charles T. says:

      Great questions! When it comes to teleworking, it’s important to cause minimal noise during conference calls. Generally, muting oneself while not talking is optimal. One call, there was a painful echo that occurred as one participant joined the call on two separate devices. It hinders productivity and makes the call a bit of a discomfort to the ear!

      Check week 4’s blog for an intriguing idea. The traditional standards of media have been morphed!

  2. Robbi G. says:

    I like how productive you’re being! Keep it up! Can you give more details about RFIs?

    1. Charles T. says:

      Sure thing! I definitely could’ve been a little more clear about RFIs. A request for information is sent out by the government in the preliminary steps of awarding a contract. They ask for the price of services as well as a plan of action to complete the request work. As Soliel — where I intern — received the RFI, we’re working on answering the RFI with details regarding providing a better price and service than our competitors. If the government likes our response, they move onto the next steps that eventually lead to being awarded the contract.

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