13,227 #HeroPies, Making an Impact, & Working as a Team: This Week at &pizza

Mar 27, 2020

Hello all,

In the latest installment of the Stat of the Week, I am pleased to share that &pizza has given away 13,227 pizzas in its first ten days of its #HeroPies Promotion to help hospital workers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It warms my heart that we as a team can make a difference even from within the walls of our own homes. Out of belief in the cause, I have gone beyond normal business hours, working more than twice as many hours this week as initially projected. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love making a difference; it just genuinely feels good. I have also had a great time working with my &pizza colleagues. That feels good, too!

By the way, while doing all of this, I have gotten the chance to learn more about business tools. I have explored Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, an email marketing platform, and Sparkfly, a promotions platform. That said and more importantly than having learned any particular skill or program, I am most proud to collaborate with a team of good people working together to make an impact!

With this in mind, please stay at home as much as possible while safely doing what you can in your community, and stay healthy during this unprecedented time.

Kind regards,


P.S. Looking to make an impact? Find your local food bank through Feeding America, and consider making a difference to food-insecure families by making a donation. Looking to do even more? &pizza is looking for people interested in donating additional free pizzas to hospital workers. Consider texting #FeedThem to 200-03 to make a difference.

2 Replies to “13,227 #HeroPies, Making an Impact, & Working as a Team: This Week at &pizza”

  1. Mr. Loomis says:

    Wow, 13,227 pizza’s is a lot of pizza’s!

    1. Tad B. says:

      Yes, indeed! Yesterday, that number jumped to 16,359 free #HeroPies, and we will continue to give away even more in the coming days!

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