Compuculture: Cabin

Mar 27, 2020


Welcome back to the Compuculture blog!

That character you see there is me — in Virtual Reality! The first experience I’m using for my virtual interviews is called Rec Room, a free-to-play game in VR. The VR headset I’m using is called the HTC Vive. It’s a modern headset featuring 3D tracking. That means that, when you move in real life, you move in the game.

I’ve dressed up my avatar in a doctor’s coat and thin glasses. I made this decision after reading this study. It explains how people who wear lab coats and other such professional attire appear more trustworthy on first impression. I believe that this look will make others feel more open to voice their opinions during interviews.

In Rec Room, players can build their own ‘rooms,’ which can be anything from action-packed battles to relaxing hangout spaces. Rec Room comes with set of pre-built rooms that can be easily modified to create any kind of experience.

My goal was to build a wintery log cabin as my virtual interview center, and Rec Room delivered! One of the pre-built rooms very closely matched what I was looking for. A few hours later, and I had a fantastic interview center set up and ready to go.

Inside, it’s just as homely.

In the back of the room, I built in a whiteboard. I’ll be asking every person who comes in to interview to write one word on it, and by the end, I’ll have dozens of words.

On the Raft internship side of things, I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails, a web development framework, and finishing up my design wireframes.

Next week: The first interviews and their results

4 Replies to “Compuculture: Cabin”

  1. Audrey K. says:

    Ooooo. I can’t wait to see what next week brings. Hopefully there’s a lot of people on VR now. Good luck Miller!

  2. Ethan H. says:

    That’s awesome! I can’t agree more: your VR interview center looks super cozy. The white board is also a really nice touch. Hope your virtual interviews go well! Can’t wait to see your results!

  3. Shang Z. says:

    Miller that looks awesome! Haha nice choice with the coat and glasses too. For your interview, how would people reach your cabin? Would it be randomly selected or based on invitations?

  4. ashleyb says:

    I will be interested to know if you are viewed as trustworthy with your lab coat. What made you decide on a snowy cabin in the wood? I too would like to know how are people reaching your cabin in the woods to do interviews. Also, how are you selecting interviewees? I am a novice at VR and do not have a clue about “meeting” people in this world.

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