Week 3: Styling

Mar 29, 2020


Hi everyone,


this is the second week of my remote internship, developing website themes from scratch. Last week I went over HTML in preparation for learning CSS. This week I continued to improve the functionality of my website theme. Navigation wise, I fixed the drop-down menus, added a sidebar, and a blog function where users are allowed to comment. Although functional, they are still extremely crude. My next step is to get familiar with CSS so I can start styling the website. This is what’s inside one of the test blog pages.

(They won’t let me insert the whole image, and I see something weird have happened to the formatting. )

I am still finalizing the experimental design for my independent project. I am scraping the surface of fixed and random effects in linear mixed models. I think it would be a better method of analyzing my data, as I plan to collect them from participants of different cultures. The industry I chose to focus on is the chemical industry under the bracket of heavy industry and engineering. This choice is inspired by my own experience as a customer purchasing or researching chemicals for the lab: companies aim at creating websites that are easy to navigate and find the specific chemical while including all the material-technical information in an orderly fashion. And besides, it is easy for me to find companies that sell identical products, so customers’ (survey participants) decisions will not be influenced by the quality of the product.

Alongside this, I have been learning R to prepare for the data analysis steps that are coming up in the next few weeks. I found knowledge in statistics very useful for the current covid-19 situation, and hope to update my graphs soon. See you next week!


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  1. Andy Z. says:

    It’s great to hear that you were able to pick up HTML/CSS so quickly, and it’s great you were able to apply something you learned in class to your internship!

    1. Charles T. says:

      Agreed! Kudos to Tina.

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