Week 3: Success and headaches

Mar 29, 2020

Hello Hello!

I think this quarantine has made everyone a little pressed, but that can’t stop my workflow. As per the problems in my last post, I was able to meet with my on-site advisor and work out why I couldn’t figure out the problem in the code. He was also kind enough to make me a template, and we also worked on making the files smaller and the code easier to handle.

Doing some quick math, it will take me about 10 hours to finish this task, so I wonder what my next task will be for the rest of the internship… anyways, I need to rethink my proposal since I can’t interact with other human beings anymore. I’ve been brainstorming projects to do from home like doing a history of medical equipment or even do a completely separate genre like an analysis of a book or author. Hopefully I can decide on one to do.

I hope everyone is social distancing so that we can leave our house sooner. Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Shang Z. says:

    Good luck with you proposal Aanika, let me know if you need anyone for online surveys 🙂

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