Week 3: Annotation Lists

Mar 30, 2020

Hello Everyone! The transition to working from home is getting more and more natural, and I am beginning to make some headway towards my actual deliverable. For the past week, I continued to work with the annotation JSON file and understand that, which took up most of the week. The file is somewhat inconsistent in that very often multiple methods are used to complete the same task, such as attaching additional scientific data to the canvas. However, I was able to move through all of it and be able to modify the structure to fit my own needs. During this week I also realized that my setup of Mirador, though adequate, was missing some functionality from the actual Library of Congress implementation. I once again ran a local server and hosted it on there, where I was able to look in greater depth at the actual functionality of the annotations. Next week, I will begin to actually construct my manifest, and to start using some scientific data to create annotations of my own.



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  1. Miller H. says:

    I had a look at the first link — that JSON looks pretty complex! I can see why they need you to organize the system. Keep it up!

  2. Charles T. says:

    I love hearing about the problems that you run into. The thought process of resolving it is quite intriguing to me!

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