Week 4: I Miss the Office

Apr 03, 2020

As the title says, I miss the office. This week was not very exciting, which made me miss the office even more than normal. I sat in on two calls this week. The only new information is that refineries are moving towards making items that can help hospital staff such as masks and ethanol for hand sanitizer. I’m happy to hear this because it is nice to see different industries work together. I’ve also done a bit of data collection for the research I have done. While this week was a bit bland, I am excited for the next.

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  1. EPittman says:

    I miss the classroom! I miss seeing my students. Distance learning is difficult for teachers, too. I miss the vibrancy of the school environment and hearing the laughter and brilliance of young people.

    Phew . . . now that I’ve lifted that worry from my chest . . .Given your new data collection, has your research question evolved? Are you able to convert the time you are saving by not commuting into working on your paper and presentation?

    What do you think of private industries moving production into sanitation and PPE products for health care workers?

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