Where do I go? What am going to do?

Apr 04, 2020

Hello everyone! Unfortunately due to Governor Northam’s order, I can no longer go outside to drop off and pick up music from Dr. Lapple’s house for the internship. Because of this, my senior project site and I agreed to halt all work. We’ll still keep in touch and I’ll return the music that I have later in the year when quarantine ends.

In lieu of the work I’ve been doing organizing the music, I’ll be putting in more hours learning R. I’ll be continuing my research and creating my final product of the organizational program. What I hope to make is a program that is ready to use for anyone. They just need to input all of their own data and the program is ready to use. It’s important to keep track of what music people have so they can avoid ordering an unnecessary copy.

Now that I am focused solely on learning more about R, I can hopefully start creating the program sooner for testing. I hope you are all safe and I’ll update next week.

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  1. davidc says:

    That is great that you can focus so much on learning R now. I know learning to code all on your own is pretty difficult and can be stressful. It is great that you program can be used by other people, allowing your research to be applicable outside your immediate internship. I hope you are staying safe and sane during this time!

  2. Kareena K. says:

    I’m sorry your site has come to an end:( I think you will make great progress with your program and would love to know how you are teaching yourself all of this!!

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