Week 4: Significant Progress

Apr 05, 2020

Hello Again! This week I finally moved to actually working on creating part of my final deliverable, the manifest and annotations for the flute. On the manifest, I began cleaning out the information and fields that still referred to the previous manifest, and either replacing them with relevant information from the Library of Congress’s page on the Claude Laurent Flute, or by removing the field entirely. After finishing up the manifest, I began using data obtained from a variety of imaging and analytical techniques done at the Library. I have implemented basic annotations for the available data and techniques I have access to, and placed them in the corresponding locations. Along with basic annotations that gives one piece of information for a location, I also created compound annotations for the flute, which allows multiple annotations to be layered on each other. It hides all the annotations behind a base text annotation, which has a link under it that opens a smaller window containing all the annotation information. In the context of scientific analysis, it is especially useful given it can show multiple graphs and descriptions without taking a large amount of space. Moving forward, I should be able to complete and publish the glass flute visualization, and after that I will likely be moving onto making another visualization for Diego Rivera’s watercolors, and I have attached links to his work below.






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