Week 4: Coding

Apr 06, 2020

Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog post.

Week 4 has been pretty exciting, I finished requirement 2 earlier than expected and was given additional work for my internship. Currently, I am working on writing python tests that checks whether the CGI in router matches the validity of the configuration using a common class “HTTP” to send GET request, and POST request. Aside from these work specific assignments, I have been learning python individually to learn the necessary programming skills to keep up with these assignments.

Overall, the internship is going along smoothly. I am learning a lot about not just programming, but the background about how much work and verification a new device go through before being released to the public. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Charles T. says:

    Sounds great! I’d love if you’d go into more depth regarding the coding with some visuals.

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