Week 2: Conducting Research and Getting Ahead

Apr 09, 2020

Hello, all! 


I am no longer writing from my Senior Project location and am now working from home. Although, I would have loved to be able to experience my internship in person, with the current state of global health that is not possible for the next few weeks. I finished the week-long graphics project from last week and have begun a new one as well as some new marketing ideas for the social media of the company. I can’t wait to see what more I can do in the coming weeks!


My research for the textbooks I need and new data has been limited as I cannot leave the house to collect them and the county library system just closed doors. I have gotten through reading a few of my sourcebooks from last week and it’s safe to say that I am ahead of my reading schedule! The most recent book, “In the Name of the Children” written by Jeffrey L. Rinek and Marilee Strong, dissects the murder and disappearances of children and what that says about the predator. I am currently reading about a cold case of a boy who went missing in Magalia, California (I did not want to name the boy on the blog). As of now my days consist of working on Zolon Tech data graphics and research for my final project product, which would be my own profile of cases that I handpick or choose. This will have to be reevaluated later as I do not know now if I can find the right cases.

Until next week!



3 Replies to “Week 2: Conducting Research and Getting Ahead”

  1. hadleyrowland says:

    Sanjana – Download the Libby App, if you dont have it already, and link it to your fairfax library card. This will allow you to borrow the digital copies of the books that might give you more information you are looking for to further your research.
    What new graphics programs are you using in your design work?

    1. Sanjana M. says:

      Ms. Rowland, I will be doing just that! I just recently got the app and it has been a great help in finding more recent books that have not been added to my local system! As for graphics programs, ZolonTech has given me the ability to work through both PowerPoint and Canva to create my designs and visual aids. I really like both and I am glad that I am able to get significantly more acquainted with graphic apps!

  2. johnh says:

    Good job! Let me know if you need help tracking down digital sources.

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