21,607 #HeroPies, A Fun Little Quote, & Stepping Up to Help: Another Great Week at &pizza

Apr 10, 2020


This week, I am pleased to announce that we are up to 21,607 #HeroPies donated to hospital workers. I continue to be proud to work as a team to make a difference in the healthcare community.

In addition, I continue to work on the customer acquisition dashboard that I started last week. This has brought the newfound joy of conditioning data. A wise data scientist once said that “data science is 99% preparation and 1% misinterpretation.” Some exaggeration aside, the point is that conditioning data to prepare it for analysis is often more time consuming than performing the actual analysis. This week, I have been working with several separate data sets detailing customer profiles, interactions, promotions, and transactions. With &pizza disseminating promotional codes via text messages, connecting the dots as to how promotions drive new customer acquisition and spending requires a means of joining these otherwise separate data sets. To better understand this relationship and to make it possible for others to gather insights from this data in the future, I am populating these tables with customer ids to ensure that we can make a connection between each of these areas for each customer. It’s a challenge, but one that has sparked lots of new learning about data organization and caused me to raise my game!

Outside of this challenge, I am also pleased to be embracing the next-man-(or-woman)-up mentality. With one of my colleagues out sick, I have jumped into a new project to fill the void. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, &pizza is relying on delivery to drive business now more than ever. Therefore, I have been collaborating to audit delivery times to ensure that deliveries are happening in a timely manner, especially with the higher-than-usual demand for pizza in the comfort and safety of one’s own home. In doing so, I have grown even more comfortable asking for help. We use Slack to encourage open communication, and I have been talking with my partner, who has been very kind and helpful in familiarizing me with this project. I’ve always appreciated how much there is to learn both by listening and asking questions!

I hope that you continue to stay healthy and safe!



P.S. For this week’s Stat of the Week, I want to spotlight the amazing work being done by Chef José Andrés and his organization World Central Kitchen. Power knocked out and mass destruction after a hurricane? Viral outbreak on a cruise ship? Kids reliant on free-or-reduced lunch programs from public schools? World Central Kitchen is there preparing meals, having served more than 15 million of them to people in need. While difficult times like this unfortunately yield many troubling storylines, they also open the door for people to make a difference. Let’s make the best of this difficult time by doing what we can and embracing positive developments wherever we can find them!

4 Replies to “21,607 #HeroPies, A Fun Little Quote, & Stepping Up to Help: Another Great Week at &pizza”

  1. Charles T. says:

    I’m glad your internship is affecting change in our community! I’ll give you my plaudits!

    1. Tad B. says:

      Thanks for the support, Charles! Hope that your project is also going well!

  2. Thomas E. says:

    Sounds like fun! Starting the third paragraph, I thought you might be saying that you stepped up as a driver for these pizzas. While that may have been an interesting way to experience this community-oriented initiative at all levels, I guess it’s better that you stuck with the more behind-the-scenes job.
    Great to see you being such a great team member!

    1. Tad B. says:

      Thanks, Tommy. The behind-the-scenes work was been rewarding and worthwhile. This data is used in determining the delivery time quotes when people order pizzas!

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