Week 5: “The Cutting Edge of Ethics”

Apr 10, 2020

Hello! And welcome back:)

This week was filled with research. I have been making great progress in regards to collecting all sorts of data that I’ve hoped to get done, but definitely missing the office. 

In these past days my research went in a direction that I honestly didn’t plan on touching, but with all the time I have on my hands I figured it was most appropriate. And that brings me to the topic of ethics

A huge barrier to cross in medicine is the bioethical principle that a person has the capacity to act autonomously, meaning they have the complete power to choose the best approach in handling their health based on the options their physician has offered. Unfortunately, this becomes sticky when it comes to natural products as patients would never truly realize when the product is helping or harming them since they are generally perceived as safe due to it being natural. The process regarding the use of natural products, whether as a primary or adjunct treatment, is currently quite complex as there is simply not enough evidence to integrate this in patient’s everyday lives. The ethical method of treating patients as people in regards to understanding the individual’s right and what they are exposed to must be addressed as more clinical trials are done around the world.

As I focused on writing about treatment in a different perspective rather than about the biochemical makeup of herbal medicine, I have definitely expanded my scope of research into something I want to look deeper into because it may also be part of why physicians and scientists are wary to take this next step.

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  1. davidc says:

    I think you stumbled on an interesting ethical issue. Having people be in charge of their own treatment obviously seems to be the best way forward, but it is important that the individual have all the information about the different treatment options. Creating a culture of valuing the experts may go a long way towards having people choose the best treatment plan but it will always be a very difficult problem to solve.

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