More #HeroPies & Creating a Comprehensive Customer List: Wrapping Up a Fun Week!

Apr 17, 2020

Hello all,

I am pleased to report that &pizza has partnered with Citi to expand the #HeroPies initiative. Through this partnership, 100,000 more #HeroPies will be donated, free #HeroPies will also be brought to Philadelphia and Baltimore, and some stores will become Hero Kitchens, meaning that 100% of the pizzas they make will be for heroes on the frontlines. I am proud to be a part of this company and am glad to know that we will be helping even more people.

Throughout the week, I have been continuing work on my project to analyze customer acquisition and promotion success. This week, I have specifically been working on building a comprehensive list of all &pizza customers.

To provide context, Google BigQuery is a repository of data that serves a melding pot of data from other specialized programs. For example, data on transactions is recorded from a parent program and then pulled into BigQuery. Unfortunately, when the connection between BigQuery and the program containing the customer profile information was established, a key field that connects the customer profiles table to other tables was not included. This week, we fixed this issue, but the fix only applies to new entries to the data, meaning that the issue is not resolved for all past entries. I have been fixing this issue by exporting data directly from the parent program and then introducing the missing field from the combined exports into a copy of the BigQuery data set. This may sound simple, but it is far from it. So far, I have performed 48 exports spanning four years of customer data, aggregated this data in Excel, and queried it in a data flow in Domo that is currently running (and has been for six hours!).

Creating good data requires patience and determination, but it makes it possible to open many doors and to channel a novel, invaluable perspective. I am very happy to share that my boss said that this data set will be a huge company resource that lasts far beyond my internship in its usefulness. This is because this data makes it possible to connect customer profiles to promotion offers, transactions, and text messages in a traceable manner on a per-customer level. Did a promotion play a role in acquiring a new customer? How many new customers did this promotion attract? How frequently did these new customers visit &pizza? How much did they spend? This data set will make it possible to answer these questions, as well as many others, and provides a mapping of how each individual customer contributes to business success.

With enthusiasm about creating a useful resource and patience along the way, I continue to appreciate all that I learn from this internship. I hope that you, too, are getting the chance to learn something new and that you continue to stay safe and healthy.



P.S. For this week’s Stat of the Week, I want to share a stat that I read in a fantastic book called Scorecasting. For those of you who are familiar with the behavioral economics book Nudge, I like to call this book Nudge for sports: it looks at the hidden influences at work in how sports games are won. On the topic of our irrational fascination as a species with round numbers, I came across a fascinating stat. On the SATs, if a student scores ten points below a round number, they are 20% more likely to take the test again than the student who scored exactly a round number. For example, if a student scored a 1390, he or she is on average 20% more likely to retake the test than a student who scored 1400. Just wild!

3 Replies to “More #HeroPies & Creating a Comprehensive Customer List: Wrapping Up a Fun Week!”

  1. Thomas E. says:

    Wow! This initiative to help out health workers has really grown since you started working on it.
    Aside from the charity project, are you permitted to discuss how their &pizza’s other promotions are doing for the company? I assume you can’t provide specific statistics, but are there any large scale techniques that are clear leaders in bringing in customers?

    1. Tad B. says:

      Great questions. Let me check in on some stuff and get back to you. More to come soon!

      1. Tad B. says:

        Hi Tommy, I just want to follow up as promised about your question. Your question largely highlights what I am trying to figure out from this project. The short answer is I don’t know (yet!) what our most successful promotions are, but I am on track to figure that out quite soon! As of now, this is just a personal projection, but I am thinking that the #HeroPies promotion has got to be among the strongest in terms of customer acquisition. Giving away well over 20,000 free pizzas has quite a reach, although I would imagine that it is also quite expensive. This is just a prediction; I will have a more definitive answer in the coming weeks. I hope this answers your question!

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