Week 6: New Data and Events

Apr 17, 2020

This week was more eventful than last week. For my research, I used the Excel skills I learned last week and applied them to my research. So far, I have three tables: pricing of gasoline and pricing of diesel and highway usage. I’m glad I have these tables, as these are an easy way to visualize my data. My next activity is to find data on emissions so I can create another table.

For my internship, I participated in conference calls on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These calls are updates on refinery activities and how the pandemic is affecting the petroleum market . On Thursday, there was a large conference call with the Secretary of the Department of Energy, petroleum refineries, and staff from the AFPM. I’m glad I got to sit in, as it was very informative. I am very excited for next week, as I plan to finalize my data collection and graph the tables I have made. I will also revise my abstract accordingly.

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  1. Charles T. says:

    Exciting! I’d love to see visuals of some of these tables.

    1. Robbi G. says:

      I promise you’ll see them soon enough!

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