Week 6: New Project and Getting Serious

Apr 17, 2020

Hello Hello!

As stated in previous blog posts, I can’t continue my original senior project due to social distancing measures, so I have decided on a new project idea! I first thought about adapting my original project to these stressful times, but all experimental designs fell short…so I decided to completely change to a whole different genre. Since quarantine has found me procrastinating and watching a whole lot of anime, I decided to write a critical analysis of an anime or examine a topic using anime! I have not decided which one to do yet, but by the time I write my new abstract, I will have a firmer topic.

My internship at home is going well too! My advisor sent me some feedback and I fixed them right away. Our current problem is that we don’t have enough storage in dropbox to send our work to each other… so we will have to sent the files in batches.

Sice senior project is a little more than halfway done, it is time to seriously get to work!

I hope everyone is staying safe, working, but also enjoying a little bit of this time at home!

2 Replies to “Week 6: New Project and Getting Serious”

  1. Charles T. says:

    Great to hear you’re doing well Aanika!

  2. hadleyrowland says:

    Why not keep it in lines with going into a job expecting one thing and being asked to complete a task that was not in the original plan. As you enter the workforce you will find this happens more and more. How many people have a degree in X and end up working in Y.

    You dont need to reinvent the story – work with what you have learned so far.

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