Week 6: Independent Research

Apr 19, 2020

Hello Again! This week, my focus was on learning several new languages/libraries with the goal of eventually being able to compile charts to be able to make annotations independently. For this, I will primarily be using JavaScript, and more specifically I will be using React, which is a library dedicated to making better UIs, and NVD3, which actually creates the graphing information. Most of my time was spent on independent learning on JavaScript and React, and running through multiple hands-on and conceptual tutorials to learn both, and what the differences in structure between normal JavaScript and using React components to create visualizations. Along with knowing how to render graphs from raw data. I briefly worked on some changes for the existing manifests, added some additional PCA layers to the watercolors, and rotated the glass flute and changed the annotations accordingly. Next week, I should be able to start rendering my own graphs, and be able to create annotations on my own. I also am waiting on additional annotation information for the watercolors, and I will add those to the manifest once I get them.




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