I Want You! (to help with my research) — Week 6

Apr 20, 2020

Breakthrough developments and exciting news, thank you for tuning back to my blog!

First things first, here’s an update with what’s happening at my internship. This week, I’ve been working closely with the project lead on website development. While the project lead looked for a minimalistic and straightforward layout, I envisioned a more sleek and visually pleasing format. We’ve gone through numerous drafts for the home page, playing off each other to find the perfect balance between website clarity and modernity. We’re almost done with the final product… can’t wait to unveil the results!

In other news, I’ve made great strides with my research project. After deciding on my focal point of research last week, I’ve been busy concocting an experiment to quantify my curiosities of news media perception. That experiment entails a survey! I played around with the variables that I wanted to be measured, as well as the news sources I wanted to be represented inside the experiment. After settling on the specific measurables, I spent the next few days researching for the news topics I wanted to utilize in the survey. (As well as find the necessary news articles for it!) The first topic I settled on is in regards to Navy Captain Brett Crozier of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt!

On a side note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m unfortunately unable to conduct my experiment in public as planned. However, there’s no need to fret! I decided on creating an online survey where I can easily track and record my respondent’s answers. With this change, you’re welcome to contribute to my research by answering one of the surveys! [Link is right below]


Till next week,

Charles Tai


2 Replies to “I Want You! (to help with my research) — Week 6”

  1. Aanika S. says:

    Cool! I’m glad you were able to adapt to the pandemic…I would love to take your survey.

    1. Charles T. says:

      Thanks. I’d say I love your responses, but it’s anonymous so who’s who!

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