A return from an ambiguous void

Apr 25, 2020

Hello, fellow citizens! It has been a bit since my last blog, but do not worry (please don’t, worrying in these times is bad for your health) there are positive developments to share.

After three weeks without communication, I have heard back from my on-site mentor. I gave him my youth voter analysis as described in my previous blog post, and he will get back to me soon on how to expand upon that project. For now, I am transferring names and information from our Fairfax County voter list from the Fairfax County Democratic Committee list to a spreadsheet as a separate data project.

In the meantime, my role at Virginia Youth Climate Strike (VAYCS) has increased. For example, I am now an official member of our policy team. In that capacity, I am researching which VA state delegates/state senators are against our organization’s climate demands to help our Earth Day phone-banking session. Also, I helped record two videos: one for our main Earth Day video and the other for our policy team’s video. The policy team video was a recap of the climate legislative victories from the 2020 VA General Assembly session. I discussed the ban on fracking in Eastern Virginia as well as recording an inspirational message for the conclusion.

I will add more blog posts once the Earth Day digital strike comes around. Until then, have fun in the interesting world we call American democracy.

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  1. Thomas E. says:

    Pendaar, way to persevere and get back on your feet with this project despite the sizeable roadblocks you’ve come across. I hope your onsite advisor gave you some longer-term work and substantial resources to do it so that you have something to do for your last few weeks. Keep it up!

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