Week 7: Oh rats!

Apr 25, 2020

Welcome back!

As mentioned last week, I was studying a research experiment on the effect of medical plants extracts on the oxidative stress status in Alzheimer’s disease induced rats. To pan out what the experiment looked like, there were 70 rats put on a laboratory diet kept in a controlled environment for a week. Blood samples were taken before and after the rats were induced with their dosages of either salvia triloba and  piper nigrum. Once the experiment was complete they were given permission to decapitate the rats in order to biochemically analyze their brains.

The results showed that treatment of AD-induced rats with S. triloba extracts exhibited significant increase in brain as well as treatment with P. nigrum produced significant increase in brain Ach levels. 

I will definitely include the numbers in my final paper along with the specifics of the dosage amount and the Ach/AchE levels. It’s amazing that studies already have concrete proof on the potential improvement universal herbs can provide us, so be sure to tune in next week for even more!



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  1. davidc says:

    This is really cool! I am amazed that even being on a diet for a single week could have such an impact on the Ach/AchE levels. I’d be curious if this experiment was reproduced by another group at potentially an even longer diet interval.

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