Week 7: First steps to Victory

Apr 26, 2020

Hello Again! This week was much of the same from the previous week. Though last week was dedicated to learning NVD3, this week I instead worked on learning Victory, which is a simpler graphing library that would be better as an introduction for using similar libraries in the future. I learned how to incorporate it with React components, learned a couple of different graphing methods, and most importantly discovered how much I disliked JavaScript. Jokes aside, it was a good experience to learn the concepts, and to apply that to a graph with thousands of data points. Though I have a basic line graph set up, I still need to brush it up and make it look nicer, using other Victory components. Aside from Victory and React, I also spent some time this week with minor updates to the glass flute manifest. I added 2 more images to the glass flute manifest, one with the flute assembled, and one with it boxed, and added additional layers to incorporate that. Next week, I will be continuing to work on refining my chart, and I will work on adding actual text and images to the Rivera Watercolors, which I received today.


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  1. Ethan H. says:

    Awesome progress! Thanks for sharing your code – your graphic looks super nice!
    Just a tip – in Attachment Display Settings (scroll down on right-hand panel in Add Media), if you choose to make your images full size, WordPress won’t crop off the edge of your pictures.
    Keep up the good work!

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