Week 5, Color Palettes

May 01, 2020

Hi everyone, great to be back.


First, Thank you Audrey for supporting my mental-health!

For the past few weeks, I have not updated anything as my time commitment needed for my internship increased substantially. I was finally able to get back to the senior project research. Though I could not talk about my internship in detail, 6 posts remain to be completed, so I want to start sharing some general concepts that I have learned and my feelings). 

Experiment Concepts:

  • CVD material: created using chemical vapor deposition, a process where vapor phased material is deposited as a thin film on a substrate. This method ensures high performance and high quality of the deposited material. 
  • Photolithography: During photolithography, the material is selectively masked by a photomask, then exposed to light, making it more or less soluble. (blew my mind) 
  • Methods of growing oxides
  • Etching: using strong acids or other chemicals to cut into materials, separating the film from the substrate post- lithography. 
  • Chemical reaction rates
  • Electron charge transfer


I have been joining group meetings twice a week. I was at first nervous about presenting in this format, so I emailed Dr.Grove and felt the need of typing up every detail in formatted LaTex documents. But after the first week of meetings, I was shocked to see how casual and friendly everyone is. I am really glad to be working with such a nice group of people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. I got a peek into undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate research experience, this really gave me an idea of how to plan my college years going forward.

Web Design: 

In addition, I have been working on website development/design. This week I am primarily reshaping web-Icons. I hope to get into actually implementing changes on the general CSS next week. 

Senior Project (yay):

Finally, I have narrowed my senior project research topic down to my favorite subject, colors. What is behind a web color palette? When choosing sets of colors for a website, picking the first color is often easy, but choosing the second, third, or fourth becomes increasingly difficult due to the possible disharmony between the existing colors. Having learned about colors in both art and computer science, I learned that not only do the three pairs of values in Hex control the primary colors, the absolute value difference between the odd and even digits of the 6 digit Hex value also determines the crucial characteristic of the color. I plan on using popular web color palettes backed by accepted color theory to determine the relationship between balanced palettes and their Hex representation. Finding such relationships would allow individuals who have not studied color theory to create color palettes with more ease. 

See you next week. 

4 Replies to “Week 5, Color Palettes”

  1. Thomas E. says:

    Tina, how exciting that you have been able to start your research again! How are you doing research even in the COVID-19 crisis?
    While you have some really awesome projects going on, make sure not to overload your schedule – that can both add a lot of stress.

    1. Shang Z. says:

      Hi Tommy, I just saw your comments. I was able to do research online after a while :)) Thank you so much for your kind words! Excited to see your presentation, your blogs have been so informative.

  2. hadleyrowland says:

    Thinking beyond the CYMK color mixing! Don’t forget the basic color wheel relationships of complementary colors and split complementary colors and all the other hues- tones and values mixed in there… be sure to check with Max about the color Yellow.

    1. Shang Z. says:

      Mrs. Rowland!! Yes, I did end up focusing on the tints and shades, and I finally understood the difference between value and saturation for once :)) Feel free to check out my presentation!

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